Aim and Mission

Aim and Misworldhistory2sion 

The main aim of the “Armenian Association of World History” is to encourage and improve the efficiency of research and teaching process of world history in the Republic of Armenia.

The missions of the association are as follows:

  • To gather research-based scientific and pedagogical potential concerning world history and related disciplines, and to foster cooperation between them
  • To import, develop and localize contemporary paradigms, principles, research and teaching methods of historiography and theory of history
  • To encourage professional development of world history researchers and teachers/lecturers
  • To incorporate key results and pivotal periods of Armenian history into the context of world history
  • To emphasize the role of world history as a medium in forming pluralistic and tolerant society, and in preventing social, international and interethnic conflicts, nationalistic and totalitarian manifestations.
  • To encourage educational and professional activities of early carrier specialists and students by supporting the improvement of their academic qualifications and experience
  • To establish cooperation with various international academic and educational communities/organization

To implement and achieve its mission and vision, the association cooperates with state and local self-government bodies of the Republic of Armenia, different NGOs, individuals as well as with similar international organizations.